Step 70 of the Journey: Back to work

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Step 70. Seventy days already! When you break your goals and projects into small steps and focus on each of those steps day after day, you get a lot done and you can wonder where that time has gone. But time passes even quicker and with fewer memories when you get very little done. Today I was offered a great work contract (I work freelance and sometimes the new contract is not always readily available), and one of the main reasons for getting it was my consistent application of small steps to all my tasks.

I’ve achieved more in the last 70 days than I did in the whole of last year, and although I’m excited about my new role, I’m equally if not more excited about the business. Small steps pull things together.

Let’s keep taking those small steps.

Day 62 of healthy eating done.

Day 70, job done.



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