Step 58 of the Journey: Noticing and correcting the slippage

The Year of Responsibility and Small Steps

Penn Sivvmann
2 min readFeb 27, 2021


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Step 58. When you get into a routine, invariably there will be minor changes to it over time. These changes, if compounded, can have a negative effect. It’s good to take stock on a regular basis and review how things are going. I realised today that the routine has become almost too routine, and the disciplined sleep schedule has started to slip.

I woke up feeling tired this morning because bedtime for the last few nights has got later and later. It’s a feeling that was all too common for me before this year, and this morning I was reminded how lousy I used to feel every morning. Despite that, a productive day ensued, including quality family time, significant writing, the prelaunch of the new business and a great exercise routine.

It’s also my 5oth day without chocolate. I think that has happened only once before in my life. I’ll probably have a small piece after 60 days on an occasional basis (birthdays and some Sundays for example), but it’s great not feeling the urge to eat chocolate every time I’m having a challenging day.

So, without further ado I shall get back into a good sleep pattern and make the most of tomorrow.

Let’s continue to rebuild the momentum!

Day 50 of healthy eating done.

Day 58 job done.



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