Step 48 of the Journey: The monster under the bed

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Step 48. Sometimes we put off doing certain things for a variety of reasons. Very often the true reason is simply that the ‘thing’ is unpleasant or rather, we believe it to be unpleasant. It may be a visit to the dentist, calling about an unpaid debt that we haven’t paid yet, opening that envelope that might contain a bill, or initiating a conversation about an issue at work. Invariably, taking control and dealing with the situation allows us to remove the worry and accept the situation. From there we can reevaluate and start to move forwards.

I think it was Earl Nightingale who once said, “Self-pity or inactivity cannot possibly help the situation” and that is a profound statement. Maybe the desire for the thing to go away by ignoring it stems from childhood, where we would hide under the blanket in case the monster was under the bed, or we would simply wait for our parents to deal with a difficult situation.

Taking small steps is as much about dealing with challenges, obstacles and worries as it is about achieving goals. Break the fear into small enough pieces and then face up to it. There will likely be a sense of relief, and the sense of worry will be diminished or even eliminated. The monster under the bed is just a cuddly toy. The monster can’t hurt you, but the fear can.

With that said, I shall open that envelope that arrived yesterday!

Day 40 of healthy eating beginning.

Day 47, job done. Day 48, job started.



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