Step 42 of the Journey: Being aware of the slump

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

Step 42. One way to look at the last couple of days is to say that they have been a challenge to the routine. Another way is to say that the routine has been a challenge to those days.

Even though I’ve found it a bit difficult to get myself going a few times, the core habits have kicked in and given my day structure. That, in turn, has got me moving again. If I had not started any of those habits 41 days ago, I know that I would be less healthy now, with little direction and little if any progress towards my goals.

Despite the mini slump, my day has structure, my mind has the memory of what I have done up until now, and it also has the vision of where I’m going. Now is really the time to get more focused and feel proud of the journey so far and of my reactions to challenges along the way. Today is a good day.

Day 34 of healthy eating beginning.

Day 41, job done. Day 42, job started.



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Penn Sivvmann

Penn Sivvmann

50-something, on a mission… step by step