Step 39 of the Journey: The productive mornings

Photo by Pete Willis on Unsplash

Step 39. Yesterday was great. There have not been many Sundays in my life where I’ve got up as early as I did yesterday, feeling enthusiastic and ready to tackle the important things. Writing first thing in the morning was a positive step — I felt freed once I’d written it.

The thing I’m really looking forward to now is the morning block of time for my business. I know I can never get everything done, but some things have to get shelved if the important things are to get done. I’m someone who loves to do everything, and I’ve always thought I’m capable of doing anything, which although positive, is also very restricting — it has made it difficult for me to remain focused on specific things, and it has also made it difficult to delegate or pay someone to do something that I think I could do myself. So, my life has been a constant jumping from one thing to a hundred other things and rarely completing any of them. My small steps have shown me that by having focus I can really move forward. I’ve also realised, and it’s taken a long time, that to build that business to the level I want, I need to drop the non-essentials and focus on The ONE Thing, as Gary Keller explained so well in his excellent book aptly named The ONE Thing.

So, my revised daily plan that I put together over the weekend now has me starting my day even better than before (my writing is complete before the family is awake) and tackling my ONE Thing as soon as the reading, writing and exercise are done. Let’s get going!

Day 31 of healthy eating beginning.

Day 39, job started.



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