Step 32 of the Journey: A reflection on the first tiny step

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Step 32. This is a reflection on frequent writing and the tiny step that started the journey.

On 1st January I made the decision to write and publish every day, no matter how little. Up until that day I had frequently thought about posting an article on Medium, but as with so many goals, life gets in the way; or rather, we find excuses to allow life to get in the way.

This year, I decided, would be the year of constant small steps that will lead to major changes in many areas of my life, including writing, self-development, health, fitness, relationships and business.

This article is focusing on the writing. My decision to write and publish daily was based on knowing myself. I have started and stopped so many things over the years, and I have also failed to start many things, due to lack of focus and my “maybe tomorrow” attitude. But I have also had some small successes in life whenever I’ve focused on the process, so a spark of optimism has continued to burn — I know deep down that I can achieve.

The aim of writing and publishing daily was absolutely not to get readers or to build a following, so in that respect I guess I’ve been successful, since virtually no one has read what I’ve written. Paul Ryburn kindly clapped my very first article, which really made my day , and for which I shall be ever grateful — I have a lot of respect and admiration for Paul, and from what I’ve read of his published work I believe he is destined to be a great and influential writer.

My aim was to prove to myself that writing and publishing can be done. If I had spent weeks crafting what I would consider a great article, and then publishing it only to find no one had even looked at it, I am sure I would have been disheartened and would have taken even longer to consider writing another article — it would have been much harder to develop the writing habit.

By writing short articles for myself and publishing them, I quickly became immune to the lack of response: they were short, personal posts about how I’m establishing new routines, and how those routines are impacting me. By writing, I have forced myself to focus on my routines, which in itself has proved beneficial. Now that I’ve had time to consider those first 31 days, some of those posts have potential, and I shall be reworking them into useful, shareable, readable, helpful articles.

So, I have taken 31 steps on my writing journey, 32 including this one, and each step is reinforcing the habit and the self-belief. On many days I not only wrote the published post, but also wrote other articles or ideas and notes for potential articles. I shall carry on with my small steps, and my next big step will be writing and publishing an article that is less “me” and more “you”.

Although those posts were short, I shall always look back with pride as I know that they are what started my journey. On January 1st I wrote that first short post, and then learned how to publish it on Medium. In the field of writing and publishing, it was a tiny step, but it was my first step and will always be the biggest writing step I have ever taken and will ever take. It was the step that started the journey.

Day 24 of healthy eating done.

Day 32, job done.




50-something, on a mission… step by step

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Penn Sivvmann

Penn Sivvmann

50-something, on a mission… step by step

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