Step 29 of the Journey: Review and refine

The Year of Responsibility and Small Steps

Penn Sivvmann
2 min readJan 29, 2021


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Step 29. Three weeks of healthy eating, and the start of my 5th week of small steps towards success and great goals. It’s also a good time to review the first 4 weeks:

On the extremely positive side, I’ve set up some great habits and stuck faithfully and easily to them. I’m eating healthily, I’m exercising daily, I’m getting stronger, I’m sleeping better, I’m feeling motivated due to the daily reading and the routine I’ve developed, I’m finally writing every day, and I’m handling obstacles and challenges so much better than I have before.

However, there is always room for improvement. I still find it very challenging to be consistently focused on my daily plan. My core routine is established but I’ve been lacking the discipline to work through items in my daily diary. Some days are better than others, whilst on other days distraction comes too easily. This is a combination of several things: dull tasks, complicated tasks, stresses and worries, poor planning, actions that are not clearly defined, and a lack of strategy for dealing with those causes.

Over the coming days I shall be refining my strategy towards getting significant momentum in my business, financial and work areas of life. I imagine that once I have clarified the strategy, it will involve more small steps; I know I have some bad habits and thought processes, and I know now that I can change them through small steps.

This is an exciting year, full of challenges and big goals. Let’s make it happen. Writing for an audience, even though my writing is not really being read so far, is actually helping me focus positively on my direction, my actions and my strategy. I like it.

Day 21 of healthy eating done.

Day 29, job done.



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