Step 239 of the Journey: When things are difficult

Photo by Kristin Snippe on Unsplash

Step 239. Sometimes I have something difficult to do. It may not actually be difficult, but it appears so, and that may be enough to trigger my default behaviour, which is to avoid the task at hand and do something else more enjoyable.

What’s the cure? I think the first thing is recognising the behaviour when it’s about to happen. Once I’m fully aware of the situation and my likely next steps (which are usually one or more of the following — get some food, talk to someone, do a sudoku), I have to make the conscious decision to continue with the challenge for just 5 minutes. That is a small step, but it may be just enough to break the habit. Those 5 minutes could be enough to allow me to find the next step, and to find my focus. Let’s test it!

Focus on the truly essential, and let the other stuff get dropped.

Day 239, job done.



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