Step 19 of the Journey: Micro changes and belief

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Step 19. This time the journey feels very different. I’ve tried countless times, like many people, to instil new habits such as fitness regimes, weight loss plans, good morning routines, learning a foreign language, learning a musical instrument, writing and untold other ideas. Occasionally I’ve met with great success, but it was never sustained success. In the past I’ve lost 6kg in a month (but regained the lost weight almost as quickly as I lost it. I’ve grown a business rapidly only to see it crash 6 months later. I’ve become so fit that I competed for my country, but only for two years. I used to get up at 6:00 and would read a self-development book for 20 minutes, write for 20 minutes and run for 30 minutes. Two months later I was tucked up in bed until my alarm forced me into the reluctant world of a basic routine of breakfast, work, dinner, and sleep.

So why did I manage to start all those things but not maintain them? And why will this time be so different? There are a few reasons, but two of the driving forces are enthusiasm and belief. I had enthusiasm for all my previous endeavours, to various degrees. The enthusiasm was what gave me the ideas in the first place. It was the spark that lit the fire and was a powerful enough spark that the fire would burn for a while (a few weeks, a few months, and on one occasion for nearly two years). But it was just a spark. But if you want a fire to keep burning, a spark is not sufficient. The fire has to feed, and for that to happen it needs a constant supply of fuel. For those habits, the fuel is belief.

Belief that the end goal will be reached with the steps you are taking. Belief that the life you want is a journey and that each step of that journey is as important as all the others. Belief that the price is worth paying. Belief that you are good enough to achieve your goals. Belief that you are worthy of those goals. Belief that you are improving because of the steps you are taking, even if some days it feels as if you are sinking in quicksand. And belief that those goals are stepping towards you as surely as you are stepping towards them.

The trick is to cultivate that belief, to nurture and grow it because you know, logically, that the steps will result in the achievement of the successful goal. How do I know? Why do I believe? That’s something for a much longer article. At the moment I’m still taking small steps. And I’m still moving forwards.

Day 11 of healthy eating done.

Day 19, job done.




50-something, on a mission… step by step

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Penn Sivvmann

Penn Sivvmann

50-something, on a mission… step by step

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