Step 147 of the Journey: Small positive steps

Photo by Neel on Unsplash

Step 147. Day 1 of 365 of positive potential. It’s going to take a while before it’s a habit, but I have a reminder every morning to ensure that I think of the positive potential of something that will happen later in the day. As for getting fit, I went for a run this evening after I finished work and I felt heavy, fat, old and unfit. I’m going to turn that around.

I weigh 73kg, and I am going to reduce that significantly over the coming weeks, and then maintain my new weight and fitness once I’m happy with how I am. I’m 10kg heavier than I was 6 years ago, and a lot less fit. Let’s take care of the only body I’ve got and will ever have. Look after your body, and your body will look after you.

Day 147, job done.




50-something, on a mission… step by step

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Penn Sivvmann

Penn Sivvmann

50-something, on a mission… step by step

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