Step 104 of the Journey: Dealing with overload

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Step 104. Another good day, but still feeling overloaded and overwhelmed with work. The need to organise and structure my working and thinking is becoming increasingly important.

The challenge is to be able to focus during any downtime rather than need to unwind and escape. Thirty minutes between meetings can either be a relaxing break or a golden opportunity to develop and refine my work methods and organisation. A good balance would be 20–25 minutes of intense focus and 5–10 minutes of fun and relaxation. Let’s try that tomorrow and truly get on top of things.

Day 96 of healthy eating done.

Day 104, job done.




50-something, on a mission… step by step

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Penn Sivvmann

Penn Sivvmann

50-something, on a mission… step by step

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